Using Social Media For The Kingdom

15 hours and 33 minutes.

That’s the time an average person spends on Facebook per month. Let’s be honest, it’s hard — very hard — to get through the course of the day without checking your Facebook page or Twitter feed.

I’m sure most people wake up , roll over, and the first thing they do is grab their smart phone and check different social media websites. Honestly, with the culture of Facebook (particularly over Twitter) I don’t see when or how it will fade like previous sites (yes, that’s you MySpace).

Us Christian’s, while we are a peculiar people (1 Peter 2:9), don’t spend every second of the day reading, praying, fasting and worshiping. Maybe we should, things might be different, but we don’t. We spend just as much time watching T.V., eating junk food, and going on Facebook as the normal person of this world.

Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘You might be the only Bible a person will read.’

Our influences, actions and Facebook posts might be the only Biblical source for people. Facebook posts? Yes, Facebook posts.

We can use social media as an advantage. You take a glance down the average person’s Facebook timeline and you’ll probably see drunken photos and an overwhelming level of foul language. What a perfect time to post a scripture.

My grandmother, who was raised Catholic, told me everyday one of her friend’s on Facebook post a daily scripture. She looks for it and reads it every morning. My grandmother does not own a Bible, she does not go to church and she doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Yet, like that, a seed is planted. God will do the rest. It’s our job as believer’s to plant the seed and be a fruit that produces.

You don’t have to overdue it and shove the Bible down someone’s throat via the computer screen. However, think about the good that will come if we share the Gospel. Out of 500 friends on Facebook, maybe only five percent will read. But, that’s 25 people right there.

Remember, we could be the only … you know the rest.

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